My artwork is informed by cultural rituals, critical thinking and radical activism. It´s an ongoing research practice that becomes a live experimental performance laboratory giving birth to new ways of performative actions and constructions of realities. My explorations are mostly based on reflections on body politics and a reading of mestizo/indigenous rituals in Latin America through a cuir/cochon/marica (queer) lens. My methodology is based on attending rituals, visiting spaces or site specific locations for each project, revisiting my own memories and questioning the political context, sometimes using drag/cross-dressing and costume making as a method of creation., although not all my projects involve cross dressing or drag performance.  Most often my performances are durational long walks in public spaces, taking the objects I imagine in the intimacy of my own memories out to the public sphere to interact with the audience. My performances leave the objects created as traces of the ephemeral action and are registered with different mediums. I also work creating relational art projects independently or with Operación Queer collective which I’ve founded with academics, artists and activists based in Managua, Nicaragua.