My artwork is informed by the reading of mestizo and indigenous rituals in the Americas through a cuir/cochon/marica/playo/pato (queer) lens. My methodology rest on attending rituals, visiting site specific locations and questioning the political context, sometimes utilizing transvestism/trans-vestismo/travestismo as a weapon for political action aiming for social change and collective healing. t’s an ongoing exploratory research practice giving birth to new imaginaries intersecting with art, activism and life itself. Although my practice is built upon performance art, I often relay on videoperformance, installations, object based art, photoperformances, relational art and workshops.

Another aspect of my work is related to my own life as non binary queer artivist in Nicaragua and to Operación Queer collective which I’ve founded with Nicaragua based academics, artists and activists back in 2013 making an effort to create decolonial and transfeminist reflections in Nicaragua and Central America.