Wet Letters

For empathy to take place, direct contact and communication are necessary.


I attempt to explore the transit of different body ideologies that exist in the LGBTQ+ community outside La Habana hegemonic heteronormativity.

Devenir Torovenado

A sacred ritual for dissident and subversive everyday practices of the queer indigenous community in Monimbó.

Sólo fantasía…

A fantasy dress consisting on a visual tour of the aesthetics used by governments in power in the history of the country.

¡Se la bailo!

An experiential and rupture act that reflects my own struggles as a gender terrorist clown.

Somos una patria

I discuss the construction of unity-family-nation from alternative notions of sexuality and gender that exist in the Nicaraguan reality.


Political propaganda and flag signage in the interest of representing the suppressed spectrum of experience between revolutionary Sandinismo and queer identities.