Fredman Barahona
Trans Tótem, 2015
Performance, relational art, digital file

Trans-totem is a relational art project made with a selected group of LGBTQ+ community activists and artists from La Habana, Cuba to collectively build a totem in order to create a durational art performance piece for the XII of the Havana Biennial. With this project I attempt to explore the transit of different body ideologies that exist in the LGBTQ+ community outside La Habana hegemonic heteronormativity. The performance consist of a ritual of physical introduction to the totem created of each and one of the collaborators, this is the only moment of real activation of the Trans-totem, where the object itself begins to speak with multiple discourses of corporeality and it’s when the performance reveals the vulnerability of the identity and sexuality as supposedly immovable devices.

This project was made thanks to Prince Claus Fund in Amsterdam and support from CENEX LGBT organization in Cuba.

official project photography and video soon will be uploaded